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In the Department of Anatomy and Human Biology

The Image Acquisition and Analysis Facility (IAAF) is an establishment generously provided by the Lotteries Commission to support medical research for the good of the people of Western Australia. The IAAF also provides facilities for University and Industry R&D projects requiring cutting-edge graphics and image analysis.

The IAAF is situated in the University of Western Australia, on the first floor of the Department of Anatomy and Human Biology building at UWA's main campus, close to Hackett Drive. The IAAF provides training, technical support and access to image acquisition equipment such as microscopes, high-resolution scanners and special purpose cameras, supported by Silicon Graphics workstations as well as PCs and PowerMac computers. They run graphics and image analysis software such as Advanced Visual Systems (AVS), Image Space, Image Pro, Optimas, NIH-Image and ImageTools.

The facility can also function as a print and multimedia production house, with a graphic designer and programmer to help with the production of posters, brochures, interactive dynamic web pages and CD ROMS. Its multimedia capacity is supported by video equipment and a CD ROM writer as well as by software such as Macromedia, Quicktime and Lightwave 3D.

The facility has ties with other research and multimedia centres associated with the University of Western Australia. Visit the Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis, the Biomedical Confocal microscopic Research Centre and the DUIT Multimedia centre.

Contact details:

Tel + 61 (08) 9380 8649
Fax + 61 (08) 9380 1051
Email: [email protected]

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